What Happens When You Put A Piece Of Onion In Your Ear

This flavorful bulb is used in many ways throughout the history. Thanks to its incredible nutrient content and the high levels of flavonoids, sulphuric compounds, vitamin C, and phytochemicals, people have always used it as a natural remedy for many different illnesses and health conditions.

They contain phosphoric acid which fights germs, infections, and bacteria, and helps purify the blood. Moreover, onions act as powerful anti-inflammatory agents which are highly beneficial to your overall health.

Why Is Onion Great for Your Health?

  • The vitamin C and phytochemicals in onions boost the immune system
  • They help reduce inflammation and fight infections
  • Chromium in this vegetable helps control blood glucose
  • Onions contain the potent quercetin which helps prevent cancer
  • Raw onions reduces the LDL (bad) cholesterol, supporting your heart health
  • This vegetable fight free radicals, thus lowering the risk gastric ulcers
  • Onion juice helps relieve the burning sensation and pain caused by a honeybee
  • The bright green tops of green onions contain high levels of vitamin A, so don’t throw them away

Another great thing about onions is that you don’t have to eat them to use its nutrients and beneficial properties. You can cut it and use it topically and feel its amazing effects on your health.

Why Put an Onion Piece in Your Ear Overnight

Onions contain phosphoric acid which is powerful enough to fix anything wrong in your ear. So, it’s helpful for treating ear infections, tinnitus (ringing in your ears), and softening of earwax buildup for an easier removal.

The anti-bacterial properties and phosphoric acid in onions help to keep your ears healthy, as well as treat and prevent ear infections.

In fact, even if you don’t have an ear problem you can still use this technique to improve your hearing and reduce the earwax buildup stuck inside your ear.

How to Use Onions as an Ear Remedy

Use only organic onions, as the non-organic ones are packed with pesticides harmful for your ears if left overnight. Cut the onion and save only the middle part.

Put it inside your ear with the center (the yellowish part) facing outward to the outside of the ear. Let it act for the entire night and the next morning remove it.

Finally, wash your ear with water to remove any onion residue with dead bacteria, phosphoric acid or earwax.


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