This Ancient Japanese Technique Will Help You Deal With Stress

We live in tough times where stress is nearly impossible to avoid. The levels of stress vary from person to person, but chronic stress can serious affect your health. This is why experts stress the importance of learning how to relax in order to reduce your stress and keep your health in check.

Chronic stress affects every cell in the human body and is responsible for a variety of ailments. It’s not just the mind that’s affected by stress – chronic stress can impact your physical performance as well. There are many simple things that can relieve stress – you can listen to your favorite tunes, do a yoga session, work in your garden, enjoy a hot bath or massage, hang out with friends or drink a cup of herbal tea to relieve your stress levels. However, most people nowadays are looking for quick solutions to stress, which can be found in different pills that can seriously endanger your health.

Natural stress relief is far better than drugs. It won’t put your health in danger unnecessarily, and its effects are usually long lasting unlike pills. In Japan, people have been using acupressure to relieve stress for centuries. Japanese healers believe that the head has pressure points which can be stimulated in order to relieve pain and stress as well. Acupressure and reflexology have been used as simple remedies against stress for quite a long time throughout Asia. According to the Japanese, each of our fingers is related to an emotion – by massaging the finger that hurts, you will resolve the emotional problem you’re dealing with. The massage can be done anywhere and anytime and is pretty simple to perform.

The thumb corresponds to anxiety and worrying. The index finger is related with fear, while the middle finger is associated with anger. Massaging the ring finger can relieve depression or sadness, while the pinkie is related to self-esteem.

To perform the massage, you need to work your finger for a few minutes. Open up your hand and extend the fingers, then start working from the thumb down by pinching with slight pressure from both sides of the nail. Continue towards the palm and squeeze the finger until you feel it pulsing. Move on to the index and other finger, pausing between each position to help your mind focus. You should end the process by applying a bit of pressure on the center of your palm for a minute.

There’s a muscle above the base of the thumb between this finger and the index finger through which many nerves run which you can massage to get some relief from anxiety and depression. Massaging the point regularly will promote overall well-being and relieve tension in any part of your body.

A similar pressure point can be located on the inner side of the wrist as well. Massaging it can eliminate negative thoughts and emotions. There’s a minor indent on the opposite side of the outer wrist you can massage to relieve brain fog and promote mental clarity.

Here’s a video which details the stress relief points and how to perform the massage:


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