He Sticks 12 Nails In Lemon – When You See Why He Did This, You’ll Understand Why This May Save Your Life!

The Internet is full of all kinds of tips and tricks for survival in nature!

Some of them are quite bizarre, some are too difficult to make, but there are always those that make us crazy, but eventually can make our day easy.

One of the most important issues when it comes to survival in the middle of nowhere is this:

How to light a fire?

It turns out you won’t even really require anything too fancy to create a lemon blaze, either – some zinc and copper nails, wire, steel wool and a material that ignites are all you need.

A fascinating chemical reaction occurs after construction, and the wires are able to generate electricity. Once you touch them to the steel wool (and kindling of your choice), you’ll have yourself a nice toasty fire in seconds!


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