Amazing 9 Things Happen To Your Body When You STOP Wearing Bra!!! No.8 It’s Awesome!

All women are taught to wear a bra. I am no exception. It is claimed that our breasts look more attractive in a bra and it is just regarded as a proper thing to do. What insanity! The bra was a necessity for centuries but we will show you what is behind the curtain of mystery.

This is what actually happens when you stop wearing bra:

1. There is a stereotypical view that your breasts will be saggy without a bra. However, it actually works the other way around. Bras cause muscle deprivation causing your breasts to be less elastic. So naturally your breasts will look better without permanently wearing a bra.

2. Sleeping without a bra will improve the quality of your sleep.

3. Blood will circulate better inside the vessels in your breasts if your bra does not restrict them. You’d be better off avoiding wearing tight clothes as well. Give up your push-up bras for healthy blood circulation.

4. When you free your breasts from their bra prison your skin will become healthier and any rashes will disappear.

5. Ladies know how expensive bras are! So, you’ll save a whole bunch of money by giving up wearing bras.

6. Your breasts will get bigger without a bra because the muscles in your chest will not have any support and build more strength.

7. Breast tissue gets healthier without a bra since there is no external pressure from those restrictive cups and underwire. Healthy breast tissue decreases the possibility of developing breast cancer. READ MORE: How to get a flat stomach fast in 12 easy steps

8. You will just feel more comfortable without a bra. Seriously is it you deciding to wear a bra every morning or is it a society? Think about it…

9. A bra prevents you from breathing as deeply as you would normally be able to. Your breathing function will get better without the band of your bra crushing your ribs. Imagine how your organs perceive your bra.


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