How do I get started?

We recommend starting with an introductory private session. This session will include a general assessment as well as an introduction to the basic principles of pilates. This class is usually offered at a discounted rate.


What should 1 expect in my first session?

Our first pilates class focuses on teaching the principles of breathing, spinal alignment, shoulder stability and deep abdominal connections. This approach sets the fundamentals for all of the exercises to follow. After the first few sessions, the focus extends to a whole body workout, incorporating the principles within each exercise and at every level.


How often do 1 need to do pilates for it to be effective?

This varies depending on your goals. Different factors will determine how often you should take classes. It depends on whether you are trying to overcome injuries or improve your posture or fitness level. It may also depend on what other physical activities are involved in your week. However, 2-3 times per week is recommended. This could be a combination of private classes and work at home (with the help of videos) or group classes.


What classes do you offer?

We offer private, semi-private and group classes. About 80% of our business is private instruction. If you have a friend or relative who you think can take classes with you, then a semi-private class can be scheduled for the two of you. This usually works well for people who are at a similar level of physical ability. Group classes with a maximum of 5 people are also offered at the three different levels.


What are some of the benefits of pilates?

Pilates has numerous benefits including: improved posture, increased muscle tone (longer, leaner muscles), stronger abdominals and spinal muscles, increased flexibility, improved coordination and body awareness.


What should 1 wear at a class?

It is important to be dressed comfortably enough to move freely. Therefore, any variety of workout clothes is appropriate including loose-fitting (not too baggy) sweatsuits, etc Shoes are not required as pilates is done in socks or bare feet.


Do you offer group classes?

Yes, we do offer small group classes up to a maximum of five students per class. These classes combine both matwork and equipment. Our ongoing group classes are designed for clients who have already done some private classes or completed one of our introductory group series. Our introductory group series is designed as an alternative to starting with private sessions. We start new group series every few months. See our what’s new page for the next series dates (or call to start your own group).


What are the levels?

There are three levels frequently referred to. These are Essential, Intermediate, and Advanced. Essential is the beginning level which teaches the principles that are essential to learn before moving on to other levels. It is important to note however, that some people don’t necessarily ever have to strive for or attain a level beyond Essential. There is plenty of benefit in doing only the Essential level pilates.


Why is taking classes at a pilates studio better than at a fitness club?

The true answer is that it may or may not be better. The point is that the more precise or specific the instruction the more benefit you will get. If you are taking class from a fully certified instructor then you are likely getting good instruction. However, if you are in a class with many people you are getting at best only a fraction of the instructor’s attention. Further to this a fitness club is not usually as fully equipped as a pilates studio and as a result the instructors may not be able to cater to all of your body’s specific needs.


What if I’m not flexible, should I get in shape before taking classes?

If you are about to undertake intense physical activity after a prolonged sedentary period we would suggest starting with pilates to increase your core-strength and stability first. The pilates method that we teach has so many modifications to each and every exercise that immobility and poor fitness levels are not obstacles to a good workout.