About Pilates

Pilates is a specific exercise form that focuses on developing core strength, mobility, improved postural alignment and coordination. It is adaptable to various body types, limitations and injuries.

Pilates in RiverdaleJoseph Pilates began developing his exercise method during WWI. Over his lifetime he combined elements of yoga, breath work, weight training and gymnastics to strengthen, center and re-align the body. In the late 1980’s, as core stability research developed, a variety of methods emerged taking into account the new knowledge of biomechanics and core strength.

Studio owner Laura Helsel is the creator of The Pilates Process Education. Aside from offering excellent fitness courses, The Pilates Process specializes in Therapeutic Pilates which adapts Pilates to help with injuries and chronic conditions. Having trained extensively with physiotherapists and core stability specialists, Laura developed her training method in 2004 and has trained instructors throughout Ontario. All of the instructors at Riverdale Pilates have extensive training in fitness, postural programming and injuries and we receive ongoing referrals from physiotherapists, doctors and chiropractors.

Our certified instructors will work with you to develop a workout to meet your objective – whether to increase fitness, overcome an injury or to exercise in spite of chronic illness. As the value of pilates is in the precision and quality of movement, we recommend private classes in order to get the maximum attention.